You Can Make A Difference! Support Voices of Hope and Help Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

 On any given day at Voices of Hope, a victim of  a crime such as domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or incest, comes to our door, rings the door bell, is welcomed in, and begins her or his journey to HOPE.  A journey to hope that you are an important part of as a donor to Voices of Hope.
With your help, Voices of Hope provided free, 24-hour services to over 1600 unduplicated adult victims of these crimes last year and to more than 400 children who came to our facility with their protective parent. 
With your help, Voices of Hope answered over 8,000 client-related calls on our 24-hour crisis line and office phones.
With your help, our advocates responded to over 150 calls from hospitals to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and followed up with the victims of over 700 incidences reported to us by law enforcement.
With your help, we reached out to new immigrants in our community to let them know that our services are available to them as well as to all community members.
With your help, our prevention specialists met with over 1500 middle and high school students to talk about healthy and respectful relationships and warning signs of abuse.
With your help, we served over 550 women through our weekly drop-in support groups and provided free child care for them while at our facility.
Your support through a tax-deductible donation to Voices of Hope will truly make a difference in our ability to continue to serve this community. Together, we can ensure that victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and related forms of abuse such as stalking, harassment, and incest, have a place to go for help…a place to go for HOPE.
Thank you for your support. 

Be a voice of HOPE. 
Donate today by clicking on the Donate Now ribbon above,
or, by mail to:
Voices of Hope, 2545 N St., Lincoln, NE 68510

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