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Who's the Voice? What's the Hope?

Marcee Metzger & Scott Young

Voices of Hope is asking you to stand with those who need help and hope. Join the growing Chorus!

Hollie Schmidt is the Minister of Children, Youth & Families of First Plymouth Church

"My hope is that we continue to build a more loving community in which sexual assault is rare. That every teen and young adult may experience healthy and loving relationships that help them to be their true, authentic and confident selves."

Last year, Voices of Hope helped more than 2200 victims of sexual assault and domestic violence through crisis intervention, safety planning, and emotional support. These services, as well as thousands of crisis line calls provide hope to victims- the hope of building a safe and positive future.

Starting with the first crisis line call, Voices of Hope has been doing this important work for more than four decades. Partnered with law enforcement, hospitals, culture centers, and the entire community helps victims build a life without fear.

A chorus of hope

As you will discover in the testimonials presented here, the voices are widely varied—survivors, nurses, faith leaders, educators, and community leaders to name a few--but the message is not.

Hope is real. Hope is healing. And we build it together.

Kim is a Voice. The voice of a domestic violence survivor.

"My hope is that anyone who needs help in situations like mine find Voices of Hope. My other hope is to give back. To complete training so that I can be a voice of hope, answering the crisis line when someone else needs a safe place to find hope. If my story helps one person get from that kind of trauma to where I am, Amen."

Brie Auxier Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner at Bryan Health.

"My hope is that every patient gets the help they need to get back to living a safe and whole life. I work the front lines but your voice is as important as mine in standing with those who need us most."

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